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Motorcycle & Trikes is your one stop shop for all of your maintenance needs. 

Motorcycles And Trikes Of Atlanta is a full service and repair facility. We can take care of any service or repair needs ranging from routine maintenance, electrical diagnostics to complete wreck repair.  






Goldwing Repairs

Suspension Repair

Parts & Labor

Install Tapered Steering Head Bearings – known to remove improves low speed riding confidence during parking lot maneuvers.  
2001 - 2005  $240.50handle bar shimmy mainly noticed when decelerating between from 50-30mph in 5th and/or 4th gear. Also

2006 - 2010  $325.50


Overhaul Front Forks 2001-2010 (bushings, seals, o-rings, crush washers, new fork fluid)$450.00  

Overhaul Front Forks and install new OEM springs

 2001 - 2005  $515.00

 2006 - 2010 $ 480.00


Overhaul Front Forks, new OEM springs, install tapered steering head bearings, and tighten rear swing arm

 2001 - 2005  $645.00

 2006 - 2010  $695.00


Re-torque rear swing arm - corrects rear suspension "wallow" in turns$42.50

Drain and fill forks with fresh fluid (cap seals, crush washers, new fork fluid)$115.00

Anti-Dive Valve Replacement (with rear brake bleed) - if sticking or leaking causes harsh ride

 2001 - 2005  $125.00


Annoying Fixes

Parts & Labor

Cruise Control Adjustment – reduces annoying “lag time” for the cruise control to engage$59.50

Replace Rear Passenger Side Pocket Hinge – common to break on (2001-2005)$50.50

Headlamp adjustment - adjust right low beam to match beam height of left low beam$25.50

CB antenna tune - custom tune your CB antenna for maximum transmission range and to your
Chapter's CB channel$68.00

Replace all handle-bar lighting light bulbs 2004-2010

     Left hand switch assembly (7 bulbs)$165.50

     Right hand switch assembly (4 bulbs)$125.00

Replace radio switch light bulbs at radio (6 bulbs) - less $85 if the shelter is removed for another service or repair  $155.00

Replace NAVI panel bulbs (3 bulbs)$50.00

Clean and lube 4-Way switch$35.00

Replace OEM fog-lamp switch$70.00


Accessory Installation

Labor Only 

CB installation – install OEM CB (2001-2010), antenna kit and tune CB for maximum
performance custom tuning to your Chapter’s CB channel$225.00

CB antenna tune – custom tune your CB antenna for maximum transmission and to your Chapter’s CB channel$68.00

Rear Spoiler – install rear trunk spoiler kit$59.50

Luggage rack – install luggage rack$59.50

Passenger arm rest – install rear passenger arm rest kit (non-OEM)$85.00

Fog lights – install Hondaline, Big Bike, or Show Chrome fog-light kit$85.00

Power outlet – install power outlet in LF pocket (if non

Hondaline, add $30.00 for custom made wire loom)$34.00


Most Common Interference Charges - interference charges may or may not apply. 

HIGHWAY PEGS (0.3 Hrs = 18 Mins)$30.00

RING-OF-FIRE (0.4 Hrs = 24 Mins)$40.00

BACK REST (0.2 Hrs = 12 Mins)$20.00

CUSTOM SEAT (0.2 Hrs = 12 Mins)$20.00

AIR WINGS (0.3 Hrs = 18 Mins)$30.00

HEAL-TOE SHIFTER (0.3 Hrs = 18 Mins)$30.00

BELLY PAN (0.7 Hrs = 42 Mins)$70.00

CHROME TIMING COVER (0.3 Hrs = 18 Mins)$30.00

CHROME VALVE COVERS (0.7 Hrs = 42 Mins)$70.00

FOG LAMPS (0.2 Hrs = 12 Mins)$20.00

RIDE-OFF CENTER STAND (1.0 Hrs = 60 Mins)$100.00

FLOOR BOARDS (3.0 Hrs)$300.00






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